Peer-to-peer credit, what is it?

How can a loan be funded through the peer-to-peer platform? At least P2P points. 50 likes – 4 talk about it. The bank is itself: grant loans and collect up to 30% interest. Whether leasing or a small loan, if the conditions are right, a loan is worthwhile from a tax perspective. for a critique While sleeping One of […]

Loans without UC – Your guide through the alternatives

You’ve probably heard of the concept of borrowing without UC. What UC stands for in this context, however, is not everyone is aware of. Many people think it is synonymous with credit reporting, but that is not the case. Regardless of whether you apply for a loan with or without UC, the lender will request a credit report on you. […]

The quick way to your loan offer

Would you like to know as quickly as possible the conditions under which you can get an instant loan ? Then it is best to ask Good lender loan immediately for a cheap loan. Because here it often takes just 24 hours to get a concrete loan offer. You can send your request free of charge at any time of […]

So you don’t pay a cent for your loan offer

Why pay for some money that you can get completely free of charge? While elsewhere you will first be asked to checkout for loan offers, Good lender loan always works for you at no extra cost. This means: You don’t pay a cent for your offer, which the loan experts create for you individually. Your loan offer doesn’t cost a […]

Swedes continue to save – mortgage loans are increasing

Ever since the IT crash at the turn of the millennium, the saving of the Swedes has moved in an upward curve. This shows statistics from Statistics Sweden about Sweden’s saving and borrowing. Savings consist mainly of investments in funds and shares, but ordinary savings in bank accounts are also popular. The third quarter of 2018 was the quarter that […]

How to get your instant loan

The fastest way to get your instant loan is often to apply for a loan online. Online processing is much quicker than with many branch banks. You can also save money in many cases with your instant credit online. Here you can enjoy particularly low interest rates.  This instant loan offers many advantages If you ask for an instant loan […]